Palm Sunday: Tales of the Palm, Tales of the Passion

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Mark Williams & Dan Hall


Description:In which we communally explore the tension between the celebration of Jesus entering Jeruslaem, and the horror of the week to come in the life of Jesus. We publicly read through the Stations of the Cross. Mark leads us in songs by U2, Alice Gerrard, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, and others.

Lent 5: A Season for Repentance: John 11

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Jeff Crawford & Tim Carless


Description:In which Molly guides us through John 11, the story of the raising of Lazarus, a friend of Jesus's. We ask questions of one another like, "Where do we see repentance in this story?" "Who is repenting, and from what are they repenting?" Music is provided by Jeff Crawford, with Tim Carless joining. Songs are from John Lennon, The Innocence Mission, Julie Miller, and an original.

Lent 4: A Season for Repentance: John 9

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Brett Harris


Description:In which Molly continues our exploration of repentance by looking at Jesus's encounter with--and healing of--a man born blind. The questions posed by the text resonate powerfully: does God punish sin by visiting us with misfortune? How does this story reorient our understanding of repentance? Music is by Brett Harris, and features songs by Sam Cooke, Bob Dylan, an original, and the classic hymn, "Amazing Grace."

Lent 3: A Season for Repentance: John 4

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Mark Williams & Chessa Rich


Description:In which Molly discusses Jesus's encounter with "the woman at the well" from John 4. Discussion questions include: "Where do you see repentance in this story?" and "How does this narrative connect (or disconnect) with our lives?" Music is by Mark Williams and Chessa Rich, and includes songs by Gregory Alan Isakov, Patty Griffin, Peter Himmelman, Emmylou Harris, Julie Miller, and Over the Rhine. A wonderful night of music - the set turned out very well.

Lent 2: A Season for Repentance: John 3

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Tim Carless


Description:In which Molly leads us through John 3:1-17, the story of Nicodemus. She prompts us with the question, "How does repentance reframe our imagination?" Music is brought to us by Tim Carless, who serves up songs by Leonard Cohen, Richard Thompson, Glen Hansard, Nick Lowe, and two originals.

Lent 1: A Season To Repent

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Mark Williams & Chessa Rich


Description:In which Molly introduces our Lenten Series on reimagining "Repentance." What would it mean to reorient ourselves, our families, and our communities around a broader understanding of the term "repentance"? Our text is from Matthew 4. Mark leads us in music, along with keys and vocals from Chessa Rich, in a set of songs by Cyndi Lauper, Alanis Morrisette, Lucinda Williams, and Over the Rhine.

Sanctuary: Closing Thoughts, and What Now?

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Skylar Gudasz, Charles Cleaver, and Casey Toll


Description:In which Molly closes our series on Sanctuary by looking at the story of Rahab. Skylar presents a powerful set of music by Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Big Star, Nina Simone, and an original, "Car Song."

Sanctuary and the Governing Authorities

Molly Brummett-Wudel, Ben Haas / Music: Mark Williams, Dan Hall, Tim Carless, Casey Toll


Description:In which the question is raised, "What does 'respecting authority' mean for Sanctuary people?" Molly crafts a multifaceted homily, while Ben facilitiates a lively dialogue. Mark leads us in music (along with Tim Carless, Dan Hall, and Casey Toll) featuring songs by Marc Cohn, Bruce Cockburn, Indio, Julie Miller, and Sam Phillips.

The Challenge of Sanctuary

Molly Brummett-Wudel, Christine Folch / Music: Jeff Crawford, Skylar Gudasz


Description:In which our community discussion regarding issues of becoming a Sanctuary People continue. Molly leads us in a vulnerable, heartfelt homily, while Christine Folch guides our dialogue. Music is by Jeff Crawford and Skylar Gudasz, and includes songs by Leonard Cohen, Mary Gauthier, Delores Hufner, as well as an original by Jeff.

Sanctuary, Refuge, and The Alien

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Skylar Gudasz, Casey Toll, and Libby Rodenbough


Description:In which we continue our community dialogue about what it means to be a Sanctuary People. Skylar leads us in music refelctions by Leonard Cohen, Alice Gerrard, The Velvet Underground, Lucinda Williams, and others. She is joined by the indefatigable Casey Toll, and Libby Rodenbough from Mipso on fiddle!

Why Sanctuary?

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Mark Williams, Dan Hall, and Casey Toll


Description:In which Molly prompts us to discuss the question, "Why would we pursue sanctuary?" The text consists of a parable known as "The Sheep and The Goats." Mark provides music by Mark Heard, Woody Guthrie, Bruce Springsteen, and Buddy Miller.

Sanctuary & the Holy

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Mark Williams, Chessa Rich, Dale Baker, and Casey Toll


Description:In which Molly and Ben describe a new dialogical format experiment, where Molly will be presenting a homily each week, followed by open-ended discussion. This week continues the theme of exploring "sanctuary," with the question, "What is worth protecting?" Mark presents songs by Feist, Anais Mitchell, Kate Rusby, Jason Harrod, Foo Fighers, and an original.

Reflecting on Sanctuary

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Tim Carless, Billie Feather, & Chessa Rich


Description:In which Molly iintroduces us to a series of reflections over the next several weeks on the concept of "sanctuary." Music is provided by Tim Carless, Billie Feather, and Chessa Rich, and includes songs by John Lennon, Richard and Linda Thompson, Joe Henry, and others.

Christmas Eve

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Mark Williams


Description:In which Emmaus Way celebrates a low-key Christmas Eve of text, Eucharist, candles, and song.

Advent IV: Daring to Sing the Magnificat

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Mark Williams, Dale Baker


Description:In which Molly dares us to imagine what it might mean to sing a 21st-century Magnificat. Mark Williams presents seasonal carols old and quite-old-indeed, alongside selections from John Michael Talbot and Michael Card.

Advent III: The Magnificat Revolution Advent Benefit

Music: Mark Williams, Paige Capes, Tim Carless, Jeff Crawford, Billie Feather, Skylar Gudasz, Dan Hall, Doug Largent, and Casey Toll


Description:In which Emmaus Way throws a blow-out musical benefit for missional partner Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham.

Advent II: Bearing Hope?

Molly Brummet-Wudel / Music: Brett Harris, Whit Wright


Description:In which Molly reflects on the challenging call to embrace and embody gospel-shaped hope in our world. Brett Harris presents some Advent carols alongside selections from Sam Phillips, Pierce Pettis, and Stevie Wonder.

Advent I: Expecting a Revolution

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Sus Long, Michael Conner


Description:In which Molly introduces our Advent theme: "The Magnificat Revolution" with a homily from Luke 1:26–55. Sus Long presents Advent-themed music from Maeve, her own band Hardworker, and Patty Griffin, as well as one original song written especially for the night. Creative Advent worship stations ensue.

Moral Vision in a Age of Anger, Disillusionment, Inequity, and Divisiveness

Tim Conder / Music: Mark Williams, Jeff Crawford, Skylar Gudasz, Dan Hall


Description:In which Tim returns to Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5) in search of renewed vision for living, hoping, and working together towards God's kingdom in our society and world. Mark Williams presents songs by Bob Dylan, Mark Heard, Julie Miller, Arcade Fire, and Peter Himmelman.

A Borderlands Narrative

Nidia Flores / Music: Mark Williams & Dan Hall


Description:In which Molly interviews Nidia Flores about her experience immigrating to the United States when she was a young child. Mark presents music by Anais Mitchell ("Why We Build the Wall"), Tracy Chapman, Mark Heard, Bruce Springsteen, and others.

Borderlands Encounters in the Middle East

Jim Thomas & Kurt Rhodes / Music: Tim Carless, Casey Toll, Skylar Gudasz


Description:In which Jim Thomas interviews Kurt Rhodes (of Questscope International) on the implications of borderlands encounters in light of his work in the Middle East. Tim Carless, Casey Toll, and Skylar Gudasz presents songs by Nick Lowe, ABBA, Roddy Frame, and Bob Dylan.

Spirit Nudged / Spirit Snatched - Encountering Gender & Sexuality in the Borderlands

Diane Lipsett / Music: Mark Williams, Tim Carless, Casey Toll, Dale Baker


Description:In which New Testament scholar Dr. Diane Lipsett leads us the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch. Specifically, how this encounter between an ancient Christian leader and an exotic, foreign, gender-bending God-seeker invites us to reflect on the fertile possibilities of wilderness spaces that alter perceptions of gender. Mark Williams presents songs by Bob Dylan, Mark Williams, Peter Himmelman, Tom Waits, and U2.

Baptism: Reflections on a Borderland Encounter

Molly Wummett & Tim Conder / Music: Mark Williams


Description:In which the community of Emmaus Way celebrates the sacrament of baptism of numerous individuals. The text is of the Ethiopian eunuch baptized by Philip. Mark presents songs by Bob Dylan, Rich Mullins, and Peter Himmelman.

Who We Are Together: The "Third Space" of our Dialogue and Open Table

Molly Wummett & Tim Conder / Music: Skylar Gudasz, Casey Toll, & Yan Westerlund


Description:In which Molly and Tim delineate an AFFIRMATION in response to the past three weeks of negation. This affirmation is one of Emmaus Way existing as a “Third Space.” They point to this “Third Space” as an area where Emmaus Way offers a unique experience, where we celebrate an Open Table every week and practice an open dialogue format. Musically this week, Skylar Gudasz leads us with powerful selections from The Velvet Underground, Richard and Linda Thompson, Bruce Cockburn, as well as her own “3000 Miles.”

Who We Are Together...Negation #3: We Are Not Really A Moderate Church

Tim Conder / Music: Tim Carless, Dale Baker, & Casey Toll


Description:In which Tim leads us in an examination of our final of three negations: Why we are not a "moderate" church. Our claim is that Emmaus Way inhabits a "third space," where we do not fit cleanly into binaries, but at the same time, our goal is not to make ourselves comfortable. Music is provided by Tim Carless, Dale Baker, and Casey Toll, who lead us through music by Tom Waits, Nick Lowe, Neil Diamond, and others.

Who We Are Together...Negation #2: We Are Not Really A Mainline Church

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Hardworker


Description:In which Molly continues to look our sereis of three "negations." This week, Molly leads us in a discussion of why we are not a Mainline Church. Music is masterfully provided by the band Hardworker, with all original music. Their selections really shine in light of the dialogue this week.

Who We Are Together...Negation #1: We Are Not Really An Evangelical Church

Tim Conder, Molly Wummett, and Ben Haas


Description:In which Tim, Molly, and Ben begin a three week journey of looking at three "negations" of who we are as a community. This week, we look at why Emmaus Way cannot rightly be called an "Evangelical" church. Featuring poems by Paul Williams ("How To Tell the Truth") and Walter Brueggemann ("Prayers for a Privileged People").

End of Series Discussion: Why I Am...

Molly Wummett, Christine Folch, Ben Haas, SK Fishback, Jim Thomas, Laura Wooten, Tim Conder, and Emily McClean


Description:In which the various speakers from the Summer Series "Why I Am..." gather on a Monday night to discuss their own reactions to the processof preparing for one of their dialogue. Also discussed is "what does it mean to forge a community of individuals who each bring their own identities?"

Reflecting on "Who WE Are..."

Molly Wummett & Tim Conder / Music: Brett Harris


Description:In which Molly and Tim lead the dialog together, inviting us to look forward into the beginning of our Fall series. Over the next several weeks, we will examine in more detail the negation of who we are as a community, not in order to cast aspersion on other religious identities, but rather to encourage us as a community in developing our sense of self and our missional calling. Brett Harris leads us in music after a long absence. Welcome back, Brett!

Reflections on "Why I Am..."

Molly Wummett / Music: Skylar Gudasz, Casey Toll, Yan Westerlund, Mark Williams


Description:In which Molly leads us in reflecting upon the multitude of identities presented to the community over the Summer series. Music is thoughfully curated and performed by Skylar Gudasz and her band, featuring Casey Toll, Yan Westerlund, and Mark Williams. Skylar's powerful original composition "I Want to Be with You in the Darkness" serves as our Absolution.

Why I Am...a Churchgoer

Christine Folch / Music: Mark Williams, Dan Hall, & Tim Carless


Description:In which Christine Folch, Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Duke University and dear co-minister at Emmaus Way, discusses the tragedy of the church's absence in mourning the "least of these" in society. She directs us to Mark 2:1-12 as an example of what she calls the essentials of church life: solidarity and vulnerability with one another. Mark W leads us (along with Dan Hall and Tim Carless) in songs from Bob Dylan (With God On Our Side), Patty Griffin, U2, Dog Named David, and an original.

Why We Are...A Consensus-Based Community

Emmaus Way's Lead Team / Music: Mark Williams


Description:In which Emmaus Way's Lead Team reflects upon how it operates and makes decisions. What is the role played by Lead Team? What does it mean to reach consensus? Is consensus the same thing as unanimity? Several decisions from the past 2-3 years are examined in greater depth. Mark leads us in three songs, including "We Can Work It Out," by the Beatles.

Why I Am...(Not) A Christian Musician

Mark Williams & Ben Haas / Music: Mark Williams


Description:In which Ben Haas interviews Mark Williams in dialogue with the Emmaus Way community about Mark's history as a musician and as a person of faith. Mark discusses the history and economic drivers of the "Christian Music Industry" as well as examining his own story. Interspersed throughout the evening is Mark's take on Rich Mullins's "Boy Like Me / Man Like You," Marc Cohn's "Things We've Handed Down," Counting Crows' "Round Here," and Mark's own "Almost."

Why I Am...a Fundamentalist

Ben Haas / film clip, song texts


Description:In which Ben Haas continues our discussion of "Why I Am..." by examining his own history growing up in a fundamentalist Baptist church in the foothills of the NC mountains. Ben utilizes several song texts that his church used as well as a film clip from the movie "Junebug," directed by Phil Morrison.

Why I Am...a Contemplative

Sarah Kate Fishback / Music: Tim Carless, Dan Hall, and Billie Feather


Description:In which Sarah Kate Fishback leads a dialogue explaining why she sees a life of spirituality lived through the lens of contemplative practice. Music is by Tim Carless, Dan Hall, and Billie Feather, and features songs by Nick Lowe, Leonard Cohen, Tracy Chapman, The Avett Brothers, and Cat Stevens. Also, Ben Haas more or less sings a solo.

Why I Am...A Reformer

Jim Thomas / Music: Jeff Crawford & Casey Toll


Description:In which Jim Thomas describes his personal history working in the mission field and his eventual disillusionment with how the Western church has interacted with Africa in particular. Jim then describes how he imagines these interactions might be reformed to preserve dignity and promote greater respect. Jeff Crawford leads us in music in his wonderfully inimitable style.

Why I Am...a Student of the Prosperity Gospel

Kate Bowler & Tim Conder / Music: Mark Williams


Description:In which the luminous Kate Bowler, professor of History at Duke Divinty School, shares her motivations for studying the phenomenon of the Prosperity Gospel. Of particular note is how this intersects with her personal narrative of fighting serious illness. Mark Williams shares two songs with us that attempt to place suffering within a context of compassionate humanity and spirituality.

Why I Am...a Process Theologian

Molly Brummett-Wudel / Music: Mark Williams & Dan Hall


Description:In which Molly explains the reasons she is so drawn to what is known as "Process Theology," and it spurs her on to great hope for justice in our world. Mark Williams and Dan Hall lead in music by Bruce Springsteen, Julie Miller, Peter Himmelman, U2, and Lucinda Williams.

Why I Evangelical

Tim Conder / Music: Mark Williams & Doug Largent


Description:In which Tim introduces our Summer Series, "Why I Am..." This week, Tim talks about the historical roots of Evangelicalism, and its relationship to social justice. Mark Williams and Doug Largent lead us in a thoughtful setlist of songs by Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, Jann Arden, and Foo Fighters,

Why I Am...: the Introduction

Tim Conder / Music: Mark Williams


Description:In which Tim introduces our Summer Series, "Why I Am..." The series will deal with understanding our individual and corporate identities. Music is by Mark Williams.

Trinity Sunday: Reflecting on I Peter

Molly Wummett and Tim Conder / Music: Mark Williams


Description:In which Molly and Tim co-lead a dialogue to close out our Spring series on "I Peter: An Apocalyptic Ethic of Love." They then examine the consequences of such a message to the local community of Emmaus Way. Mark performs a powerful rendition of Mark Heard's "House of Broken Dreams" as a confession.

Eastertide: An Apocalyptic Ethic of Love

Molly Wummett / Music: Mark Williams, Whit Wright, & Dan Hall


Description:In which Molly "drops the hammer" by leading a dialogue on the connection between love, social action, and the gospel. Mark, Whit, and Dan lead with music by Gregory Alan Izakov, Indigo Girls, Julie Miller, Patty Griffin, Bruce Cockburn, Bruce Springsteen, and an original by Mark. Really beautiful music this week.

Eastertide: Apocalyptic Hope: Intro to I Peter

Tim Conder / Music: Mark Williams


Description:In which Tim gives an introduction to the Biblical book of I Peter, and the community contemplates whether or not the church can be oonsidered the "Good Guys." Mark reintroduces us to the music of Mark Heard, as well as presenting songs by Bruce Springsteen, Peter Himmelman, Vigilantes of Love, and Over the Rhine. Really nice community discussion on this one.

Palm Sunday: Contemplation of Healing for Our Community

Tim Conder, Molly Wummett, EWay Community / Music: Mark Williams


Description:In which we practice the Stations of the Cross, highlighting the broken places in the City of Durham, and praying for healing for our beloved community. Mark leads us in two songs by Emmylou Harris to draw attention to the beginning of Holy Week, and the coming disaster of Good Friday.

Contemplation: Love and Mystery in Process

Molly Wummett / Music: Mark Williams, Dan Hall


Description:In which Molly declares her "fangirl" status of Process Theology, and especially the work of Catherine Keller. Mark and Dan Hall lead us through musical works by the Avett Brothers, Jann Arden, Sufjan Stevens, Patty Griffin, and Foreigner. Yes, THAT Foreigner.

Contemplation, Missional Spaces, and Lovingkindness Meditation

Tim Conder, Laura Wooten / Music: Jeff Crawford, Casey Toll, and Brett Harris


Description:Tonight's discussion is around the contemplative life as imagined in Psalm 63. Molly Brummett-Wudell and Laura Wooten lead a Lovingkindness Meditation. Jeff Crawford brings his brand of contemplative folk hymnology.

A Contemplative Lent: Group Discussion of Sufjan Stevens's 'Carrie & Lowell'

Amanda Haas, Ben Haas, Brandon Bayne, Jonathan McClain, and Mark Williams


Description:On Saturday night, a group of five friends gathered to listen to and discuss the Sufjan Stevens album Carrie & Lowell, released in 2015. Here is the recording of the discussion.

Second Sunday of Lent: A Community of Co-Ministers

Tim Conder, Laura Wooten / Music: Mark Williams, Joe MacPhail, Casey Toll


Description:In which the community of Emmaus Way considers the meaning of "membership" in a local community of faith.Music by Mark Williams, Joe MacPhail, and Casey Toll, featuring musical selections by Peter Himmelman, Patty Griffin, Tom Waits, Julie Miller, and Pierce Pettis.